How to make a paper fortune teller

How to make a paper fortune teller

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First you start off with your square, then fold the two bottom corners to the center, do one at a time and try to get them as even as possible.

Folding first bottom corner.

Folding second bottom corner. This should form a triangle shape.

You will then turn your paper around and fold the other two corners tithe middle. Remember to keep these as even as possible.

After you repeat those steps, you should have formed another square. After you do this, you're going to flip the square over to the other side.

After you turn it over, begin folding your corners to the middle.


After you have folded all of the corners, you are going to fold the paper in half, so the squares are on the outside, and the triangles are on the inside.

You will then slip your fingers into the slips. (Thumb & index fingers)

You should then have something that looks like this.

After you have finished the product you can now go back in and write your fortunes. You will do this inside of the triangle flaps, and they can basically say anything you want them to.

You will number each triangle also, there should be two numbers on each big triangle, having a total of 8.

Then you decide on four colors for the other person to pick from, then you're done! I hope this taught you all how to make a fortune teller, have fun and shAre this with your friends and family! (:

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