How to create a dango soft toy

How to create a dango soft toy

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Cut out 2 paper pieces in shapes like shown in the picture :) the bigger the pieces the bigger the dango

Get some fabric and cut out the pieces :) you need 4 of the triangle-like shaped one and only one of the circle

Now you have one bottom part ( circle ) and 4 pieces of the other one ( I just cut out 2 of them together )

Put 2 of the triangle ones with the backside together and pin them together on one side

Sew those 2 pieces together but just on the side you put the pins in :) take the other 2 sides and do the same

Now you have 2 pieces of the side parts. Pin the parts together so they form kin of a hood and sew them together

You have a "hood" and a bottom now

Pin the backside of bottom to the hood and sew together ( I did this by hand )

Doesn't have to be beautiful because it's gonna be one the inside of the dango

Leave a small gap and evert the inside out :) put Cotten inside and close the hole

Create the eyes with some thread you sew on and you are done :) mine is going to be a nice little Christmas present :)

Watch the video: Easy DIY Kawaii Dango Plushie from Clannad (June 2022).


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