How to make a giant ornament wreath

How to make a giant ornament wreath

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Use thick wire to make a ring a few inches smaller than your hula hoop and attach with shorter wires. Similar to wreath frames in craft stores but much larger! Make sure to make a loop to hang it with

This 2nd ring of wire is important. With only a hoop, your ornaments would spin around to the back when you pick up the wreath. The extra wire holds them to the front, saving a TON of time & ornaments

If the tops are loose on your ornaments, you'll need to take them off, add hot glue, and glue them on securely. You need these to secure the ornament to the wire.

Use the thin wire to attach the largest ornaments to the wire circle. Then use hot glue to attach the ornament to the hula hoop where it touches.

Flip the whole thing over (carefully!). Ornaments should not move if well glued. Reinforce with more glue. Wherever an ornament touches wire or hula hoop, add glue.

Cut a long piece of thin wire (a few feet), wrap one end around the wire hoop or hula hoop, then string ornaments on the wire like beads. Try to alternate colors & sizes as you go.

Wrap the wire in the direction you want the ornaments to go. I tried to loop mine around the larger ornaments. Find a position you like... arrange each ornament and glue them into place. Start with the ones closest to where you attached the wire to the hoop, and work your way down the string.

Add more ornaments and keep wrapping & gluing as you go around the largest ornaments.

If you run out of wire, tie it off and start a new piece.

Here I have all the major spaces covered.

Gently turn it over again and reinforce all contact points between ornaments with more glue.

Look at it from all angles for bare spots. Especially from the bottom, if you plan to hang it high like I am, because that is the angle it will be viewed. Here I want to cover that yellow hula hoop...

Bare spot filled in with another string of ornaments.

Make goofy reflections in the ornaments because all these hot glue fumes are making you crazy...

Finally, fill in any extra spots by gluing individual ornaments wherever you need. I didn't use wire for this...just lots of glue!

The complete wreath! Ready to hang...but not until the day after Thanksgiving! ;-)

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