How to do a posting trot

How to do a posting trot

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A posting trot is a two beat diagonal gait. The diagonal pair of legs move forward together each beat. This is a very stable gait that doesn't require major neck or head movements from the horse.

Thera are many variations of the trot,the slowest being a jog. Trots average around 13km/hr and is very bouncy. To reduce bouncing, rise out of your seat every two beats, which is called posting.

When you are posting, stand out of the saddle every other time the horses for legs make a stride. When posting your heels should be down and you lower leg should remain motionless.

When posting, keep your back flexible so you minimize the effect from the impulsion. Hold the reins keep your hands still. Don't let them move up and down with your body, flex your shoulders to not.

When cueing your horse to a trot,sit deep in the saddle and tap the horse with your heels. When starting out, use a lunging line so you can get comfortable with the trot without having to turn.

Lift your butt out of the saddle once the horse hits a trot. Make sure not to grip to tightly with your upper legs. Stand in the stirrups and use your muscles, do not use the reins for stability.

To stand at the proper time, count one,two over and over in your head, rise in your stirrups on one and gently sit on two. The rhythm is continuous.

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