How to make easy fall leaves: ombré and splatter effects

How to make easy fall leaves: ombré and splatter effects

The first thing you want to do is gather your leaves. I printed out fake leaves from online, (Yes, I know, I went there...) and cut them out. Any size works.

Second, grab your spray paint. Any color works, but I recommend a warmer color for the fall. Some great choices are red, purple, orange, golden yellow, and so on.

Now, this is where you get to be creative. If you want a faded inspired leaf then spray one corner of your leaf and watch it, well... Fade out! Trust me, it's simple. If you want the splatter...

Effect leaves, barely press the nozzle down and watch it drip out on the leaf. I personally love mixing the two together to see what it creates. You'll be surprised what you can make.

There is really no specific way to do these two techniques, which is why I didn't give detailed instructions. This project is all about seeing what you can make and being creative.

Finally, here comes the fun part, decorating! Put these leaves anywhere your heart desires. I put mine on my door and made a quick leaf garland out of aluminum wire and put it on my guide backdrop.

You can put your leaves anywhere. Some places are... Your door, around the headboard of your bed, little mini leaves on knobs of your dresser, on a painting, and around mirrors. Be creative!

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