How to create an origami star

How to create an origami star

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Cut 14 squares of some origami paper. Mine was 9x9 cm (3,5x3,5 inches). It can be half of half, all colors mixed or all the same color/paper.

Turn the paper around and fold into 4 small squares.

Fold the small squares into the middle.

Fold the sides.

Like this.

Turn the paper around.

Fold the small part down.

Fold in half.

Make 13 more of these.

Glue the top. (Sorry for the bad pic)

Both sides.

Put into the other one. Make sure that you take the other color if you are making it half of half.

Remove the excess glue.

When you have putted the last piece in, put glue on the other piece and gather.

Like this.


Optional: put a thread on the top of one of them and hang on something.

This was another smaller I did.

Watch the video: How to Make an Origami Star Ball (June 2022).


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