How to create a halloween pumpkin

How to create a halloween pumpkin

Start by lay out a plastic bag, because this is a messy job :)

Use the marker to draw the "face" you want in your pumpkin.

Cut the top of the pumpkin, do it in a angel so you can put the top back on whiteout it going right through.

Scoop all the meat and seeds out, and put it ind the bowl. Note: don't through it out, you can toast the seeds and use them as a snack. I'm actually gonna use the meat for some cupcakes.

Like this.

I'm gonna cut the pumpkin in levels, it's gonna make a cool effect when I put the lights in.

Almost done. Take your time to do it right, and ad details like the brows.

When done carving, make sure to cover the pumpkin with a liquid conservatories. It's gonna make the pumpkin last longer and prevent it from mold.

And just ad the lights and place the top on.

See how the details pop.

You can also cut a pattern in the back for more light.

Check back tomorrow I'm gonna show you how to toast the seeds for at snack and how to make cupcakes from the meat.

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