How to style up your earpods

How to style up your earpods

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Take out your thread or yarn, preferably in different colors. It should not be too thick.

Cut the thread to about 18 Inches, this way (depending on the thread) the braided sections will be about 2 to 3 inches.

Now to the braiding/knotting

Begin with a simple overhand knot

And pull it tight

Lay the thread over the cable making a loop...

Pull the thread through the loop under the cable

And pull it tight

Remember to always do the loop through which you pull the thread on the same side. Otherwise...

... You won't get this pretty spiral pattern.

When you are done with one thread take the next one and tie them together and just continue.

To get rid of the parts of the knots that are sticking out...

Just cut them off and...

And seal the ends with some clear-drying glue or clear nail polish.

And this is the (nearly) finished outcome

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