How to make denim jeans into shorts

How to make denim jeans into shorts

First I recommend you try on the pants and making a little mark with the sharpie right below where you want to cut.DONT EYEBALL IT.

Here are my pants:p

Here is my mark just below where I want to cut.

Fold your pants just like this to get an even cut. I recommend strong scissors. Now let's get cutting

Just cut all the way through. No regrets!

Those are shorts but we are not done yet. To give it a nice rugged look. We bring in the razor

So for the razor step I recommend that you put one leg of the shorts on a box or a hardcover book.

Start kinda "shaving" the ends in both directions front and back of both legs

What the razor does is give it that nice wear and tear type look

And Boom! Now you got comfy shorts that are very stylish

Watch the video: DIY DENIM SHORTS FROM OLD JEANS - Downsizing the waist! Lucykiins (January 2022).