How to create a handbag from a placemat

How to create a handbag from a placemat

This guide is intended to help you learn the simple art of creating a clutch style handbag from a....


As I stated in a previous guide, it's not necessary to spend a lot of money on this craft. I get placemats from GoodWill for 49 cents. The most that I have paid is $1.00 at a craft store.

The first step is to determine how deep you want the bag to be. I carry my life in my bags, so I fold from the bottom and leave enough for a fold over flap at the top.

Use a marking pencil & mark the top of the part that was folded or just eyeball it. The purpose of this step is because you will hot glue the sides & you need to remember exactly how it was folded.

Use your hot glue gun to close the sides. Use the hot glue generously and ensure that there are no holes on either side. Check each side for missed spots and then glue to close them.

This is what you should see after gluing the sides.

You will place your contents inside after the glue dries. Allow about 30 minutes to an hour before placing items inside the bag.

I added Velcro to keep it closed, but it is an optional step. I made another one exactly like this and simply ironed the flap down & it stays closed.

That is it! Now carry your creation with your head held high! Here are examples of what I have done and you can do the same. Be creative. The brown leather bag will be the subject of my next guide.

Carry your bags with pride and remember this....Nobody will know that your bag cost 49 cents unless you tell. By the way, I am anxiously awaiting photos of your bags. Please don't forget to share.

I will be back soon to show how to make the square leather bag. It is so easy, and super trendy. A fake leather bag of that same type retails at $60 and you can make it for $5. Until next time.....

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