How to tie your pointe shoes professionally

How to tie your pointe shoes professionally

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Prepare your shoe (lambs wool, etc.)

Put on what ever protection your fitter or teacher recommended for you. Don't use anything else they didn't tell you to use.

Put your tights on if that's what you are required to do.

Put on shoe. Make sure your ankle is straight, and the shoe isn't twisted one way or another.

Cross ribbons over with your foot flexed up, so that when you stand up they won't be baggy or loose.

Wrap ribbons around ankle for as long as yours are. They make ribbons of varying lengths, and you can trim them to the length you prefer.

Knot ribbons below ankle in the hollow area. You should be able to feel pressure on your flesh, but not your bone.

Fold ribbons together in a rectangle.

Tuck folded ribbons underneath from the bottom. This is so you won't have ribbons falling down, which is unprofessional and tacky.

Make sure and tuck your knot up too. It looks so much better than some sloppy knot just hanging out down there.

Tighten your drawstring, if you have one, to your liking. I don't use mine much. Some brands like Russian Pointe don't make their shoes with drawstrings, however, some models do.

Tuck your drawstrings into your shoe, whether they are on the side or front like mine. Be sure to spread them out so they don't bunch up, come out, or hurt.

Now you just have to do your other shoe! Make sure you stand up and do some relevés and plies so you know they are tied correctly. Good luck ladies!

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