How to make a colorful pompom

How to make a colorful pompom

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These are what you will need: some yarn, a good pair of scissors, a compass, and some hard paper (ones that you can tear)

These are optional.

First, using your compass, draw too perfect circles with the exact same size. Their height should be about 5 cm.

Draw two smaller circles in the middle of each one, the smaller circles should not be bigger than 1.5 cm.

Fold the circle papers in half.

Cut out the smaller circle using its lines.

You should have this when you unfold it.

Choose 2 color yarn.

Cut out about about 1 meter of string for each color, then fold them in half like this.

Put the circles next to each other.

Put one folded string through the circles.

Then tie a simple knot.

Now, draw a line directly across the knot you made.

Wrap the string around the hoop.

Be sure to stop at the line you made earlier, Do Not pass it. Overlap the strings if you still have more, but do not get on the other side of the hoop.

Do the same to the other side with a different color string after you finish this side.

If your yarn is too thick for you to go through the hoop, you can use this to hook and pull it through.

This is what you should get after you finish wrapping all the yarn around.

Try to find the space between the two circles (hoop) you made earlier.

If you have a small scissor, you can use it and cut from there, so your Pompom will be round, but normal scissors work just fine for this.

Use the circles (hoop) as a guide for you to cut, remember to cut in between the two circles.

This is what you should get after finish cutting.

Cut a piece of string, the length is up to you, but don't cut it too short. I personally recommend somewhere from 15- 20 cm.

Put the string in between the 2 circles.

Tie 2 very tight knots there. Like this.

You can either then rip the 2 circles, or you can take them out gently.

Spread the yarn around so your Pompom is round.

Now you have a colorful PomPom!

This is one I made earlier, it has all 4 colors!

You can try to create Pompoms with different unique color patterns. I hope this helped. Bye!

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