How to cook crepes

How to cook crepes

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Get 1 cup of flour and put it in a bowl

And 2 teaspoons of sugar

And 2 eggs

There they are!

1/2 a cup of water

1/2 cup of milk

Mix, mix, mix!

All mixed! Mix it until there are no lumps left

Now get a frying pan and put it on a stove on low heat

Put your pancake mix in an easy to pour thing

Butter your pan

Add some batter

And spread it around

It's ok, the first one is never perfect, but it cooled nicely!

Flip when the edges go a bit crispy

My one was pretty good :)

Get a plate

And put your cooked pancake on the plate when it is nice and golden!

Round 2

Overcooked :(

To keep them warm, put them on a plate...

And put a plate over the top!

Round 3

Ok :/

Just continue through all of your batter.

Yum! Try to make all of yours like the first one. That's the nicest!

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