How to clean saddle conchoswith toothpaste

How to clean saddle conchoswith toothpaste

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Grungy and dull conchos I just removed from my saddle

My saddle missing the concho on this side

Baking soda or whitening toothpaste will work just fine and if you can't find a crappy tooth brush use your brothers! He will never know!

Put toothpaste on first concho

On both conchos

In a circular motion scrub the surface of the concho, the toothpaste or baking soda will start to turn grey, that's good it means it is working

Take the toothbrush and wet it and continue to scrub the concho, it will foam

Rinse concho in water

Ooooooooooooo shiny!

After both are done

Dry them completely and put back on leather grommets

Thanks for watching please feel free to suggest any other guides I can do to help out!

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