How to decorate cute simple flower cupcakes

How to decorate cute simple flower cupcakes

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Firstly start by sifting a cup of icing sugar into a bowl

Add some water and mix with a spoon until smooth mixture is achieved

Add a droplet of blue food die (the recommended amount on the instructions of the bottle)

Mix the blue food die in with the icing mixture until completely blue (add more food die to achieve the colour you want)

Repeat the process with pink food die

Evenly spread blue icing over one cupcake with the flat part of a bread knife to receive a smooth texture

Repeat with pink icing

Add edible flower pieces around the cupcake (bought from supermarket or cake supplies store), ensuring to leave a space at opposite ends of the cupcake for the licorice handle

Cut the meter strip of licorice into a 7cm strip (1cm in width). Repeat this for each cupcake

Pull the cupcake wrapper out and place one end of the licorice in to the side of the cupcake. Repeat to the other side of the cupcake and push the cupcake wrapper back in to keep the licorice in place

The licorice should now look like this: joining from one side to the other to make the handle of the flower basket

Repeat to all cupcakes

Repeat to as many cupcakes as you like!

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