How to re-sting a mandolin

How to re-sting a mandolin

Start off by getting everything you need together. I'm using Martin .010's. 80/20 Bronze strings

Start by removing the face plate

Pick a set of two strings to remove. I'm starting off with the G's

If your mandolin has a floating bridge, NEVER remove/apply more than two strings (one set) at a time.

Begin unwinding

When loose enough, unhook the string

Get your new strings

Hook on your new strings

Feed string through the eyelet

Bend string and start winding

Repeat process until finished

Replace the base plate once finished

Cut excess string

Old and excess strings? You can throw them away, or do something creative with them. I make dream catchers with mine.

Tune up and play

Watch the video: Dave Speaks Mandolin at Gibson Custom Shop. The Guitar Store (November 2021).