How to Make an 8 Point Transforming Origami Star.

How to Make an 8 Point Transforming Origami Star.

I chose to use colors that compliment each other but any will work if you have 8.

Fold each note where my arrows are pointing. If your notes are sticky fold so that it would stick to each other

Turn it upside down.

Now fold it across the middle.

Grab point 1 and fold it to point 2

Should look something like this

Next bring the top 2 corners down to point 3

Heres your final product

Just get your seven others.

Stick the one point side into the back end of the next one

Then fold the corners around.

The last one may be hard to put on but you could get it.

Now get something heavy so I got my textbook.

Now press the textbook down on the ninja-star this breaks it in so it can transform easier.

Now pull out on the orange and it should look like->

And here you go.

Please give me feed back or comment what other origami you would like next. Have a great day!

Watch the video: How To Make A Transforming 8 Pointed Origami Ninja Star (January 2022).