How to bake doughnuts

How to bake doughnuts

Mix all ingredients together and bake the doughnuts. Then mix icing sugar, water and butter and spread over doughnuts. When this is done sprinkle M&M's over them.

This recipe is from my grandmother. It's written in Afrikaans.

The doughnut maker. We sprayed it with non stick spray so the doughnuts won't stick to the machine.

All the ingredients for making the doughnuts.

First we measured off the flour. We scraped it with the back of the knife and flopped it in the mixing bowl!

A bit more flour.

Next comes the castor sugar so we cut open the bag.

The castor sugar is to sweeten things up.

Baking powder to make the dough rise when baked!

Some salt with the mixture will make it a bit more healthy.

Now melt the butter in the microwave.

Put the melted butter in the mixing bowl.

Crack an egg into the mixing bowl. Egg helps the mixture to bind together!

Now some milk.

Mix it up! Use settings 1 & 2.

And mix some more!

A little more!

Maybe mix a little more!


Ready to start baking doughnuts!

Checking if the mixture is nice and creamy. Not too thick!

It's perfect!

Make sure it runs.

Drop small amounts of the mixture into the DOUGHNUT maker.

Bake for about 3 minutes. Aren't they lovely?


All done, enjoy!

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