How to draw a beautiful compass rose

How to draw a beautiful compass rose

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Collect the supplies needed.

Begin with drawing a cross in the middle of the paper, use a ruler to make the lines straight and to measure the cross correctly. Each line is 6 centimetres from the middle.

Make a perfect square using the ruler. I measured 2 centimetres from the middle.

This is tricky! Measure the exakt middle of each side of the square and mark it. Then you draw a straight line through the marks using the ruler. Each line should be 4 centimetres from the middle.

Next step, making the big star! Use the ruler and make a straight line from the tip of the star to the middle of the square.

Now, the little star "behind" the big star. Make a straight line from the tip of the star to the corner of the square.

Here you go! A very straight and nice compass rose, maybe some color?

It's nice to use marker pens, but I think you get the best result with color pencils.

Press the pencil harder in the middle and then soften it up as you get to the edge of the star. This creates an illusion of depth, makes it more vivid.

Continue the procedure in every other part of the star.

Last step, let's use a black narrow pen.

Use a ruler to make the lines as straight as possible. Be careful not to smudge the black lines with your fingers.

Finished! A beautiful compass rose. Feel free to experiment with colors and length of lines :-)

Thank you for watching :-)

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