How to create the restaurantsilverware roll-up

How to create the restaurantsilverware roll-up

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Lay napkin out seams up... Points up and down. I found these striped little darlings at the thrift store. 75 cents. It was a delightful day.

Fold the bottom point to the top point. Iron out any wrinkles with your paws. If you want to get crazy domesticated, iron it with a real iron. No one's stopping you, Martha.

Lay a butter knife toward the edge of the fold. I would recommend NOT using sharp knives, machetes, or steak knives in the roll-ups. Your dinner guests do not want to be attacked by cutlery.

Lay your fork, tines up, on top of the knife. It's ok, they're married.

Pinch the napkin with utensils and roll one full rotation until the knife is back flat against the surface. Someone doesn't know how to adjust the size of their hand font & had to use 2 post-its.

Fold the point of the right side in towards the middle.

Now do the same from the left. If you wanna go crazy, fold the left side first. You're such a rebel!

Now roll and don't mind the giant man hand.

There you have it! An eating weapon in a compact size! I have about a dozen of these rolled and waiting. You can set the table lickety-split. Plus, they are dang cute.

I made her wait on her funny is this face!! Check out my blog:!

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