How to download & play free videos on your iphone/ipad

How to download & play free videos on your iphone/ipad

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Download the 'Free Video Downloader & Player' from the App Store. It's free!

Once downloaded, you'll see a brief explanation as to how the App functions. In this example, we're going to download a short film. There are many video websites you can download content from.

In the built-in web browser, navigate to your favourite video site and find a video you'd like to download and keep.

When you've found a video that you'd like to download, look for a download link.

Select the format you wish to download the video in. Most video sites will offer an iOS or 'mobile' friendly download link. This video will be optimised for your device. Tap on the link.

After tapping the download link, select 'Download' in the pop-up menu to download the video.

You'll see that the video will begin to download. You can monitor this by tapping on the download manager screen at the bottom of the browser screen.

When your video has finished downloading, you'll see that it has appeared in your 'Downloaded Files' folder.

Tap on the video and it should begin playing. You'll see all the regular playback controls you'd expect when watching video on your iOS device.

You can secure your content by setting a password in the Settings menu.

There is a whole range of lock packs available. Keep your videos private and secure by choosing one.

Lastly, after setting up a passcode, why not enable break-in notifications. You will get an email whenever somebody tries to access your content. Plus, you'll get a picture of the culprit!

We hope you find the App useful. Please support artists and filmmakers by downloading videos legally and respecting copyright protection.

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