How to cook hainanese chicken rice

How to cook hainanese chicken rice

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Boil bruised lemongrass in water

Salt cavity of chicken

Insert crushed ginger into chicken

Insert green onions into chicken

Wash rice

Cook chicken once water has come up to boil for 15 minutes to 20 minutes until juices run clear

Take out chicken

Shock chicken in cold water

Put chicken BACK in hot water briefly

Take chicken back out and cool

Fry chicken fat

Add sesame oil and render chicken fat

Take out chicken fat and fry equal parts garlic ginger shallots in rendered fat/oil

Fry washed rice until lightly brown. Add salt.

Put sautéed rice into rice cooker

Place pandan leaf in rice cooker

Strain chicken stock thru sieve

Start on the chili!!!

Garlic ginger shallots lime. Garlic stiracha chili sauce

Add ginger and garlic and shallots

Add chicken fat and stock

Stir to combine

Combine with cilantro

Add fresh lime

Rub rested chicken with sesame oil and salt

Add cabbage to soup


That rice!!

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