How to make an easy, funky, photo frame!

How to make an easy, funky, photo frame!

HERE ARE YOUR SUPPLIES! :) there's wrapping paper here, but since I'm making a gift I'm going to be using that green paper instead of wrapping paper, which you can do too :)

first, cut your box up! all the crap on the sides.. we don't want. get a nice, flat surface.

make it about the size you want your frame to be.

trace your photo onto the middle of the cardboard

draw a cool design around it! this will be the shape of your frame

use the exacto knife and cut dat shiz out

now, on the inside of where you traced your photo, draw a slightly smaller rectangle/shape. this will be your hole

cut the hole out with the exacto knife. put your frame on the back of your wrapping paper and trace it out.

Cut out what you just traced. if your hole in the middle is a square/rectangle, then you don't need to cut it out (you'll see why). if your hole is an oval/other shape, then cut it out as well.

glue your wrapping paper onto the frame

flatten it out!

now flip it over. if you had a rectangle/square that you didn't cut out before, then cut an X shape in the wrapping paper.

fold the triangles back, and tape them down. (I had a pretty bad knife, as you can see...)


now position your picture on the back of your frame and tape it down as well.

flip it over and voila!

try other shapes as well :)!

Tape a string to the back and hang it up! :)

Watch the video: How to create beautiful photo frame only using cardboard. easy homemade DIY (November 2021).