How to create a mixed media canvas banner

How to create a mixed media canvas banner

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Prepare your gelli plate by adding acrylic paint with a brayer, then pressing some texture into it. I used bubble wrap, the top of a paint cap, a stencil, and a plastic fork.

Continue to do these same steps, adding different paint colors and textures for each piece of fabric. It's not necessary to clean the gelli plate between prints. It will pick up traces and look neat.

These are my finished pieces. The edges have curled a bit, so I'm going to iron the backside of these so they lie flat.

Using my sewing machine I attached some trims to the top pieces. This doesn't not have to be perfect, I am no seamstress so mine isn't :)

For the final steps I sewed a pink ribbon to connect all the pieces, then embellished the banner with the decorative clothespins and fabric flowers.

Finally, I stamped each pennant with an uplifting message

Here is the finished product hanging in my laundry room

To see more detailed pics, visit my blog at

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