How to clean a bathroom mirror

How to clean a bathroom mirror

Get the paper towel and wet it with water. Do NOT use products! This will leave the mirror looking streaky and almost impossible to get clear again! Trust me, I learned this the hard way.

Apply the paper towel to the mirror with a side sweeping motion, make the mirror all wet.

Your mirror should look like this after!

Get some dry paper towel, you will use this to dry the mirror :)

Wipe ONLY from left to right! When starting a new row, make sure to lift the paper towel! Super important unless you want a streaky mirror.

Your mirror will end up looking like this! A bit streaky! But don't worry, at this point, it is supposed to :)

Just wipe over a few more times with the paper towel, make sure it is in the same left to right motion!

Make sure you don't miss any spots, if there are large water droplets, thats a problem. Otherwise, let the mirror dry on its own. After that, it will take about 10 seconds :)

Voila! There you have it, a clean mirror! You can barely tell a mirror is there, that is how clean it is! :)

Hope You Enjoyed My Guide! Good Luck!

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