How to make needle felted cat toys with organic catnip

How to make needle felted cat toys with organic catnip

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Locate catnip plants growing wild either on your property, or visit a garden store during the spring or summer, and purchase a catnip plant or two. Is it winter? Simply buy seeds. It's very...

important to note that if you are picking wild catnip, be certain it has not been treated with chemicals as this could be deadly for your cats!

Cut the plant with scissors so you have long stalks of catnip. Be aware that you will want to cut more than you think you need, because the plant is going to dry up and shrink.

Tie your cat nip with yarn or heavy thread, then Hang it up side down in a dark room or closet until dry.

It's dry :D

Crumble it!

Gather your supplys

Start stabbing the Wool until it is felted thick (but not to thick). Be patient! This takes time.

When your done make another :D


Put a thick piece of card board between the two hearts.

Start felting the sides. Try not to stab the cardboard!

Take the card board out

This is what it should look like! :D

Stuff it with catnip! :D

Felt the open ends. Try not to felt the middle! It will weave the catnip through the wool and it won't look so good :/

Done! Now here are some pictures of my cat Gami and his new toy! :D

He's so cute :3 Enjoy!

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