How to cook minced pork otherwise

How to cook minced pork otherwise


Adding to meat ,salt ,pepper,1pepperoni,some parsley,thyme

Cat in dice

Fry 2 min

Leave to cool

Add to meat ,crumbs,egg, and fried onions with paprika


Dressing to salad- 3tbs grape seed oil, 1tbs lemon juice, 1/2 pepperoni, 3 mint leaves, some salt

Let's make balls of meat and fry over medium heat, add 1 bay leaf to the oil

In the middle of frying , add a tablespoon of butter

Potatoes ,cut into slices , add some oil, rosemary,pepper,salt,paprika , and bake in 180*C until they are soft, check with a fork

At the end of baking , put the meat to make it warm

Arrange and eat ;)

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