How to make a roasted zucchini n' tomato gf sandwich

How to make a roasted zucchini n' tomato gf sandwich

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Thanks for reading my guide. If you love to cook, are learning to cook, or already know how to cook, you will love my seasoning blends. They are only available online at Thx

Udi's GF bread is the best we have tried - it toasts up perfectly. I drizzled a little oil from the roasted zucchini on the bread then toasted it in my toaster oven before melting the mozzarella.

Sprinkle a pinch of #1 French Made Easy on the cheese then place in toaster oven to melt. I love to layer flavor so the French adds another element to this sandwich - it truly makes anything better!

While the bread is toasting, layer the other ingredients with the zucchini on top so the melted mozzarella holds them in place while you eat. The mint from the zucchini and the basil taste wonderful.

Cut in half and enjoy... Perhaps make two, because 1 is never enough of this fantastic sandwich. This is just one of hundreds of ways you can use my seasoning blends.

You can always make this sandwich with regular bread if you prefer. But I can't express enough how good Udi's GF bread is when toasted. It makes the best sandwiches when they need a crispy bite.

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