How to make frosting with dates

How to make frosting with dates

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Put 15-16 medjoul dates in boiling water 30 seconds. Take out the skin and the pit

The peeled and pitted dates, + cocoa pure non sweetened. I use valrohna bit of water. You can add milk cream or almond milk to make them to the desired consistency.

In a food processor put the two ingredients. The mixture is quiet thick. While the processor is on drizzle the liquid check consistency. You can always add water later any time

Ready to frost any cake you like or cupcakes. Have a look at my guide cupcakes Paris-dubai

That is chocolate. Here I added 1 or 2 pinches of cardamon. it is a personal taste. add spices or vanilla or nothing but dates and cocoa are delicious healthy & vegan. Only 5 mins to prepare

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