How to make bangers and apple potato mash

How to make bangers and apple potato mash

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I love a simple meal like this. Especially bangers and mash. Call me English. You're probably wondering about the the apple potato mash. It's a stretch of the imagination I know. But bear with me ....

**See the comments on this step to start with the porkies** The idea came to me like this. I wanted a less carbo loaded mash with more nutrients and fibre.

So I added the carrots. Besides, it's a traditional Afrikaans thing, potatoes and carrots mashed together and it's fucking delicious. I am a potato FAN. Seriously though.

I was eating an apple at the time when it occurred to me that apple sauce and pork is a winning combination. So apples and carrots go together, so does apple and pork, potato and carrot works....

Cut your porkies apart while still in the packaging - way easier. Separate the other ends whilst in the packaging as well. Heat a pan, add oil and one smashed clove of garlic.

You do not need to salt these. Turn the heat down to medium. You wanna cook them through without burning the skin. Go slow. Use tongs to rotate them every few minutes. The garlic flavored the oil.

While the porkies do their thing, prep your veg and put all except the peas into a pot, cover with water, season and bring to the boil, then turn down to simmer till everything is soft and mashable.

Aw, garlic and porkies, so happy together. Keep turning and checking till they're evenly cooked then transfer them to a dish lined with at least two layers of paper towel to drain. Keep warm.

That's the business. Put your peas in a pit and bring to boil. Simmer on medium for 15 minutes till tender. Keep warm.

Once the veg is soft, drain off the water, put back in the pot and have at it with a masher. It's gonna be difficult and time consuming to get a smooth mash because of the carrots. But you can try...

This is how I like my veggie mash - chunky bits of carrot in a smooth sea of potato. The apple hardly comes through - its just an accent. Frankly, next time I'll use another apple. It's that subtle.

I didn't make a gravy but you can use the pan juices as a base or mix up some store bought. It really doesn't need though. You can serve this with mustard as well.

Quick, easy and very satisfying.

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