How to restore a cutlass

How to restore a cutlass

Sand non cutting surfaces and edges of cutlass

Sand all rusted surfaces except the cutting edge

Get the file and the cutlass, and begin sharpening the cutting edge. Be careful and make sure you know what you're doing.

Start by positioning the cutting blade away from your body, then take the file and begin moving it over the cutting edge in a direction away from your body too. Use long, slow strokes.

Try to be even on both sides of the blade.This is the hardest and most dangerous step of all. You can do this until you have a sharp edge or until you have removed all the rust from the cutting edge.

If you have a wet stone you can use this as a way to remove the burr on the edge. Use small circles with very light force.

Begin cutting coconut

Start by cutting at angles on the rooted side

Cut away the husk until the actual coconut is exposed. The break the shell with the cutlass

Watch the video: How to repair a large rusted out area on your vehicle (November 2021).