How to make mole (semi homemade)

How to make mole (semi homemade)

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You can find these items at Walmart or at any Hispanic store. You only need half of the chocolate circle and the full glass of Dona Maria's Mole.

Over med heat, heat the pan first then add the oil (for every recipe).

Add the chocolate and stir around.

Add Maria's Mole.

You want them both to dissolve. Continue to stir until it looks like this. (Optional peanut butter would be added at this time)

Add about 7-8 ladles of your chicken broth from the chicken that you cooked. (Hint: one ladle at a time) continue to stir. Never stop.

Consistence is still a little thick. If for you that is okay then turn heat off and your done.

Since it thickens when you let it sit, I like to have it like a lot thinner. As shown above.

Place rice, and beans on the plate along with chicken and pour mole on top. Or you can put the chicken in the mole sauce then on the plate.

Cook your chicken first before making the mole sauce.

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