How to make a skull cut t-shirt

How to make a skull cut t-shirt

First things first. Note that this doesn't have to be perfect. It's meant to look a little messy and mangled.

Lay your shirt flat, face down.

Take you pencil and lightly draw your skull design, this is so if you choose to cut off pattern it will be easy to remove.

Leave a line about a centimeters wide between the eyes. This is so the shirt doesn't flop when you wear it. (My shirt is drawn much better than this :D)

Keep in mind. Things get out of hand really fast with the scissors. I often find myself wondering where the fabric went. Cut less first. Than go back and cut more if needed.

Some people put an open box in their shirt to cut, I put it over my knees. Just be careful not to cut yourself. Or your pants.

Start by making a small cut in your design. Use this as a starting point.

It's ok if it's a little messy. You can go back and tidy if up if you choose.

My favorite part to cut are the teeth. Because they don't have to be perfect or uniform.

First row of teeth. He's a smiley guy.

Leave some room between the top and bottom teeth.

Ta-da. Now we stretch.

And your done. No two will ever be the same. Wear it with a colorful bandeau or even a backless bra.

Do you know how hard it is to take a photo if your own back?

Watch the video: DIY: Skeleton Cut-out Shirt Tutorial (November 2021).