How to cook pulled pork with coke

How to cook pulled pork with coke

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I purchased pork at Sam's. I will cook all of it. I did half for BBQ which can be added after cooked. Other half I used for tacos. Soooo easy!

Sliced onion, place 1/2 on bottom.

Place pork on top.

Place other 1/2 onion on top. Pour coke until meat is 1/2 way covered. **BBQ sauce on top is optional.** It can be added after you shred it when done. I added it after I shredded the pork.

Place in oven at 250. My pork was done at 4 1/2 hours.

Use two forks or kitchen shears to pull apart. It will be so tender and easily pull apart. Save a cup of juice for dryness if needed.

If you add BBQ last, just mix well. I kept mine in slow cooker on low for a party. It was a hit. For pulled pork tacos, I cooked bell peppers and onions to add.

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