How to create a necklace out of fishing lures!

How to create a necklace out of fishing lures!

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Get out your supplies and find a place to work that is clear of children and pets!

CAREFULLY clip the loop that holds the hook and take the hook off the lure.

I started with my craft wire cutters and quickly upgraded by stealing my husbands clippers from the garage!

Using headpins, I put a variety of beads on each pin and finished it off by twisting the end into a loop that I could attach where I cut off the hook.

You can see from my pictures that I used a cheap set of beads. Nothing expensive for me.

The greater variety of lures, the better! But don't buy expensive ones as they will not be used for what they were made for.

Place the completed lures on the chain. I chose to use a long chain that would go over the head and lay under the collar.

As you can see from my close up, I used jump rings to attach the lures to the chain.

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