How to make chicken tostadas

How to make chicken tostadas

Gather veggies you want to use, wash them.

Chop them up

Get your tostadas (I have a guide on how to make homemade ones, or use a store bought(

Put your refried beans ( I have a guide on how to make pinto beans which is the kind I am using but you can use your favorite) if using my bean recipe just blend together.

Add your chicken in tomato sauce ( I have a guide for the chicken as well)

Add avocados.

Add lettuce

Add pieces of tomatoes

Add cheese.

Now add your sour cream.

Top off with salsa. Enjoy. You can always make them vegetarian just skip the chicken. If you don't like avocados or cheese you can always customize to your liking.

Watch the video: Simple Chicken Tostadas Recipe Chicken Mole Tostadas (October 2021).