How to use a sony hdv-hc9 minidv camcorder

How to use a sony hdv-hc9 minidv camcorder

To turn the device on, hold down the green button (on the top) and rotate the grey dial. To change modes, rotate the dial again.

Push and slide the Open/Eject button towards you to open the lid.

Insert the miniDV tape. Push the side to close being careful to not force the cassette in or out.

Press the red button to begin recording.

Use the lever on top to zoom. To take still photos, press the Photo button.

You can use the on screen button navigation to record and zoom as well.

For better audio recording, use a BeachTek adapter. Use a coin to screw the adapter on the bottom of the HC9.

Plug the BeachTek into the front of the camera. Use an XLR cable to plug a microphone into the BeachTek.

You're ready to film!

Watch the video: SONY MiniDV HandyCam fixed C:32:11 (October 2021).