How to make coffee in a french press

How to make coffee in a french press

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Quiet weekend mornings are great for taking extra time to make coffee in a French Press. The flavor is deeper than traditional drip coffee and a nice treat.

This is my favorite French Press - it's a Bodum.



Fill the beaker with water to the appropriate level. My press will make about 5 cups of coffee. You may use your traditional coffee pot to determine the right amount.

Bring water to just off the boil. I use the microwave but you can use a teapot and pour water into beaker.

Just off the boil = bubbles rising to the top but not quite a simmer.

While water is heating, grind coffee. I use a burr grinder. More expensive but nicely grinds coffee instead of chopping it for a nicer flavor.

French press coffee uses a courser grind so the coffee doesn't pass through the plunger screen.

When water is ready, measure coffee. I use a Starbucks coffee spoon which measures about 2 Tbls. My press uses 2 scoops.

Pour coffee over water.

Using the stir stick, gently stir coffee and water until coffee is just under the water.

Place top on press with the plunger "up"

Replace top on press but do not press plunger.

Let coffee sit in press - 4 minutes.

Depress plunger - slowly.

Pressing plunger down.

Coffee Time!

If you are a slow sipper, like me, you may wrap a towel around the press to keep the coffee warm.

Watch the video: frenchpress coffee tutorial (May 2022).