How to make blackbean sauce noodle

How to make blackbean sauce noodle

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Cut carrots into small chunks

Chop garlic

Chop onion

Minced meat

Sauces to be used. I like it spicy, hence im adding on hot sauce.

I have read article that says bacteria tends to live within the hollow of spring onion which rinsing with water won't remove them. So i'm going to show you how I clean spring onions

First, boil around 200ml of water

Cut them into small pieces. I use scissors normally.

Add the boiled water into the pot with the stove on, to blanch the spring onions. Less than half a minute for me after water boils

Rinse with running cold water with colander to stop the cooking. Keep aside

Prepare oil on hot stove

Fragrant the garlic

Then onion

Then carrot. Leave it for around 1 minute to soften the carrots

Lastly the meat

Fry and mix them until meat is cooked

Add blackbean sauce

Hot sauce. I added around 20mL of water

Some black pepper. And stir

As i find it too watery, i added corn flour. Sugar to taste. (Tap on supply list to see quantity)

Mix and let it thicken on medium-high heat

Tada..until it reaches thick but still liquid-y state. Keep aside on very low heat to keep warm.

Cook noodle! Im using this, from chinese groceries store. Shanghai noodle it says.

Boil 300ml of water in kettle. Put noodle in the pot. This is for a person's quantity, while the sauce serves two.

When the water boils, pour it into the pot with high heat

Let the whole noodle goes into the water by pressing gently with chopsticks or stirrer quickly before they stick.

Keep stirring with chopsticks for 2-3 minutes. Watch out for boiling water.

Remove when noodle is cooked.

Add on half of the cooked sauce (as the sauce serves two). And topped with the blanched spring onion. :)

Stir gently with chopsticks/fork and here you go. :)

Epilogue: I found that the ginger that I put is not suitable, hence I would not put ginger again. so I have ignored about 'ginger' purposely even it appeared in pictures.

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