How to stop bike cradles from moving on a hitch rack

How to stop bike cradles from moving on a hitch rack

Got tools?

We will be making 6 spacers total (3 per side) to place between the cradles.

Move the cradles to the hitch end of the arm and measure the distance between the end cap and first cradle. The 4 bike hitch measures approx. 10 1/4".

10 1/4" divided by 3 spacers, equals approx. 3 3/8". This will be the length of each spacer.

Remove the cap from the hitch arm.

Remove 3 of the 4 cradles.

Using the combination square measure, mark, and cut a 3 1/8" piece. Repeat for each spacer.

3 spacers cut for one arm of the rack.

3 spacers and 4 cradles attached. Sorry could not fit the 4th cradles in the pic.

Make sure the end cap hole lines up.

Attach the end cap with the screw and you're done.

Finished product. Beer me! Thinking of dyeing or painting the spacers, leave me some feedback and let me know what you think.

Finally got around to taking a picture of it finished with flat black paint.

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