How to make pear crumble with a twist

How to make pear crumble with a twist

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1/4 cup all purpose and 1/2 cinnamon if you like more add more

2 tbs COLD butter now start mixing flour in butter making crumbles

Add 2 tbs sugar keep trying to make crumbles

It will look like this very clean

Now I've cut 4 pears based on 3 ramekins if you have more then cut more pears and adjust the other ingredients

:) 2 tbs goes in pot on low temp

Add 3 tsp flour mix away slowly and add 1 tsp Kyro syrup. It will thicken you don't need to over cook. I would say about 5-10 mins

Now put in ramekins let it cool

And place the crumbs that we made previously on top. Pre heat oven to 375

And put ramekins on a tray or what ever you have cause you will see the sauce coming out Keep your eyes open every 10 mins all ovens are different. Mine had started browning after 25 mins

After 20-25 it should look like the picture above nice brown, and crunchy.

Put ice cream or eat by itself and enjoy. One of the desserts I came up with that all my friends enjoyed at a party :))) I had put the hot ramekin in a bowl then Ice cream on top :)

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