How to create framed flower presents

How to create framed flower presents

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Start with drying out flowers . These took a couple weeks. Most flowers lose there colour and turn brown, so it's good to have a variety

I flatten them in books to gets them really thin. When flattening make sure you move it's position every 4-5 days to make sure it doesn't stick . Make sure stem isn't too thick for frame

Frame ready !

Measure frame . You'll need perfect measurements for your paper to fit nice and snug

Pick backing paper . I went for a shiny textured finish . Feel free to paint your own !! Eg black one

Measure twice . Cut once !! Always on the back. I used scissors . Couldn't locate the scalpel :/ lucky I have a steady hand !

Fits perfect!

Pre-organize your picture . How do you want your flower to sit ? I added letters for a personal touch . Good idea to send as gift !! Maybe a date ?

Clean glass first, place flower in then your paper ( I don't personally glue flower, gives you freedom to change it if you're not happy) take quick look under &&& clench shut . Enjoy !!


Watch the video: DIY Flower Shadow Box Frame. Craft Time with Sarah G (June 2022).


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