How to cook breakfast frittata

How to cook breakfast frittata

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Bell pepper

Green onions - slice about 2 stems

Garlic cloves - diced or sliced thinly

Slice and diced toppings

Flour rolling pin and suface so dough does not stick while rolling it.

Roll edges inward

Peirce the tips if each side with a fork

Using a fork peirce dough around the edges to give it a ribbed indention around the dough

Lay frittata on tray lined with parchment paper and brush olive oil on each.

Add Alfredo sauce and start layering toppings

Layer toppings on the edges leave center clear for the egg

Crack and drop the egg in the middle on each. You may see some of the egg white spill to the edge , that's ok as long as the yolk stays in the middle .

Bake @ 375f for 30min

Finish product- a great hearty morning treat!

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