How to make veal milanese

How to make veal milanese

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The cast

Season the veal cutlets with salt

And pepper

Set up a dipping station. For this you will need 3 bowls

Place your egg in one bowl and scramble it.

Add salt to taste

Next add the Italian bread crumbs to another bowl and to the breadcrumbs add the dried basil

The pecorino romano as well

Mix this well

In another bowl add the flour. We will start first by dipping the veal in this manner. 1st in the flour shaking off excess.

Then dip in the eggs, making sure it is well coated.

And finish off in the bread crumbs. Press each side of the veal gently on to the bread crumbs to make sure each cutlet gets a nice coating of breading.

When done set aside on a plate and finish off the rest.

In a large pan over high medium high heat. Add the oil

Gently place 1-2 veal in the oil.

Frying until golden brown on both sides . This should take 2-3 minutes each side. Do not overcook, veal has a tendency to dry out.

Place the cutlets in a plate. You can eat this alone with a squirt or two of lemon( & some A1 sauce on the side) with some rice a roni (husbands favorite) OR

You can spread some marinara sauce in an ovenproof dish & arrange veal in the sauce. Place some mozzarella and pecorino cheese over each slice & additional sauce place in a hot oven. Serve with pasta

Any which way you may enjoy it. I don't add any extra seasoning besides the basil. If you want, add some onion, garlic powder or other herbs. Play with this dish & make it your own I didenjoy

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