How to make yummy black chicken rice

How to make yummy black chicken rice

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Step 1: preparation

Cut garlic and ginger into small chunks

Cut onion likewise

Separate/cut meat from drumstick bones. Reserve bones. Cut drumstick meat and breast fillet into cutlets. Marinate meat cutlets and bones with seasoning sauce listed in supply list.

Rinse rice in bowl until water is clear. Leave 1cm of water to soak the rice as this will make good rice texture.

Heat oil on a pan

To fry garlic and ginger

When they are fragrant, add in the onion and fry on high heat until onion sweats, around 5 minutes

Leave it aside with heat off for later use

Step 2: making chicken soup

Chinese style dried scallop is to used to sweeten soup that we are going to make, but completely optional.

Boil 250ml of water with dried scallops

With lid on. Let it boil to soften the scallop and sweeten the soup. Watch out for the amount of water left as it boils. Make sure the level of water always covers the scallops. Leave at medium heat

When scallop is soft (mine is around 20 minutes later), put in the marinated drumstick bones.

Add in water enough to cover the bones. (If you do not have scallops, start making soup from this step)

Cover with lid

When it boils turn to medium heat

Until water evaporates to this level, say 10 minutes later. Watch out for water level again.

Removes bones from soup.

Add in the fried onions, garlic and ginger

Add in the marinated meats

Give a good stir

With lid on, still on medium heat let the chicken cook

Until the colour shows it is cooked!

Sieve the soup out

Keep the cooked chicken for later use

Step 3: Putting everything together

Meanwhile you can see the soaked rice has suck up some water

Remove water

Im using the same pan used to cook chicken

Put in the rice

Add in the chicken soup

With lid on, cook the rice

My rice is a bit uncooked at this point. Ideally the soup should be enough to cook the rice fully

Add in the cooked chicken, and mix

As my rice is not fully cooked, i added around 20ml of hot water and mixed on medium heat .

I left it on very low heat to help the rice cooked until rice is fully cooked. Please ignore this and previous step if your rice is fully cooked.

Feel free to add on boiled vegetables like broccoli. Sprinkle with spring onions and enjoy!!

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