How to make home made bath bombs

How to make home made bath bombs

The three basic ingredients for bath bombs are granulated citric acid, bicarbonate of soda, and oil or butter. We'll also add colour, fragrance, oils add other dried ingredients.

Select your choice of vegetable oil and/or butter. (I got all my ingredients from Amazon.)

Select your favourite fragrances and colours....

You can also add in additional dried ingredients to enhance the experience. Cosmetic glitter, rose buds....

... check your spice rack: back pepper, cardamom, ginger, basil, cinnamon all make good fragrances....

... check your garden. I use rosemary and lavender from my garden.

Tools: measuring spoons, one large bowl and a smaller one for each colour/fragrance you are going to make. A knife is useful, and if I am giving the bombs as presents I wrap them in individual bags.

You will also need moulds. I prefer the embossed plastic cavity moulds and personally find the silicone moulds harder to remove the bombs from. Even a cut tennis ball will make a nice ball shape.

Let's get going..... This recipe will make enough for eight to nine bath bombs of average size.

Add one part critic acid to two parts bicarbonate soda. I've used one cup of citric acid and two cups of bicarbonate soda.

Mix well with your hands.

I am going to make three different colours/fragrances so I've put one cup of mixture into three different bowls.

Add any dried ingredients. Although I usually prefer to add them at the time I put the ingredients into the moulds.

I've added small flakes of Cocoa butter into one of the mixes. You could also use Shea butter. When these melt in the bath they add extra softness. Make sure they are small so they melt quickly.

Add colour. I use half to two cap fulls per cup of mixture. If it fizzes, quickly cover it with dried ingredients to stop it fizzing. Mix in well.

Add colour as you wish.

Add in 10-15 drops of your preferred fragrance or essential oils per bowl. You can mix them up for an enhanced fragrance.

Mix in 1-2 teaspoons of vegetable oil or butter. I prefer Sweet Almond oil which is non greasy and easily absorbed by the skin. Try olive oil, melted cocoa butter or evening primrose oil.

Aim for a consistency that allows you to squeeze the mixture together and for it to just about hold. Add water if necessary, but don't allow it to fizz.

Add the mixture to the moulds. Pack it in tight.

Add in any dried ingredients as you wish. I've hidden this rose bud in the middle of the mix.

Try mix your colours with different layers.

Use a knife to even up the back of the mould.

I've added glitter to the the top of one of these bombs, another has fresh rosemary in it and the third has a layer of pink in the middle.

Leave them in the moulds for an hour before easing them out. Leave overnight or for another few hours to dry before handling them too much.

Don't worry If one or more of them crumble...

... Either re-mix and load into another mould, or...

... put the mix loose into a bag. Use about a tablespoon per bath. This bag would be just enough for two baths.

Wrap as presents or add to your own bath...

Breath in the perfume and relax... Enjoy!

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