This Jet Powered Merry Go Round is Insane

This Jet Powered Merry Go Round is Insane

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Fire, rockets, spinning, height, danger – all the aspects that make up a good carnival ride. I still remember a time from my childhood where I thought I was going to die on a rickety spinning fair ride. This jet-powered merry-go-round takes things to the next level. The swing ride carries two passengers, each with a pulse jet engine strapped right below the seat. Check out video of the insane ride below.

The project was built by a combine collective called the Madagascar Insitute, which is made up of artists, sculptors, and welders. Based in Brooklyn, New York, this carnival ride is more dangerous death art installation than it is one where people on the street could actually take a go. It's probably better that way...

[Image Source: Kina Smith]

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Watch the video: Insane Merry Go Round (June 2022).


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