Affordable and Sustainable Cardboard House Lasts for 100 Years

Affordable and Sustainable Cardboard House Lasts for 100 Years

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Many companies have been finding innovative solutions to bring to the housing market. Whether it be tiny homes or unique manufactured dwellings, there are a lot of options for the current homebuyer. One company, Fiction Factory, has created a house that can be rapidly manufactured in sections, and it the structure is made out of cardboard. The cardboard is wrapped around a base frame many times to create a sturdy layer that is then glued together. Each 'Wikkelhouse' is completely customizable, and the buyer can pick and choose how many sections they desire.

The outside of the house is covered in a facade of wood paneling to give it a clean look, and all of the materials are waterproofed after manufacturing. Assembling a house out of cardboard makes the final structure incredibly light, around 6,000 kg in fact, so each house does not require a formal foundation. Since the structures are built modular sections, each being 1.2 meters long, houses can be delivered and assembled within one day.

[Image Source: Wikkelhouse]

When we think of cardboard, we often do not associate sustainability or survivability, but the team says that the house was made to last well past 50 years, and even up to 100 years. For those of you that worry about the environmental impact of your housing, the Wikkelhouse is made from completely recycled materials and whenever a tree is harvested, they plant many in return.

[Image Source: Wikkelhouse]

If this house is something you want to get your hands on, you can sign up for the waiting list The company is only building 12 houses each year to make sure that they maintain the highest level of quality. However, if demand were to pick up, then expansion of manufacturing capabilities would likely take place, and the sustainable cardboard house might become the homes of the future.

[Image Source: Wikkelhouse]

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