App that Can Solve Handwritten Math Problems

App that Can Solve Handwritten Math Problems

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Everyone has done it: you look down at an equation and hopelessly stare at it, praying for the answer to come to you by some miracle. Sometimes, it is good to struggle a little and grind out an answer. Other times, it can leave you stressed out, wishing you could find a way to solve it. Mathpix, the “first app that can solve math by simply taking pictures of your handwriting” might present the solution to all your (math) problems.

To use the app, simply take a photo, crop the equation of interest, and it will instantly give you the answer to almost any solution- along with a graph! The app will solve for zeros, present any alternate forms, find derivatives and solve integrals (see video below). The problem with most calculating apps is the sometimes complex interfaces can leave you unsure if your equation input was correct, as well as it solves for the answer without necessarily showing you how to get there. Mathpix addresses these issues with their world-first app that can read your handwritten math on a page, and then solve the equation almost instantly.

Nicolas Jimenez, the lead developer, uploaded a demonstration of Mathpix magic on Vimeo. He claims the Mathpix team teaches “powerful deep learning algorithms to read math by feeding them large amounts of training data,” all while the “algorithms get smarter over time as we get data from users.”

The app is geared towards “solving integrals, for which we provide step by step solutions," Jimenez said. Although some might see the app as a powerful cheating tool, the step-by-step tutorials ensure the user enough information to teach and hopefully leave the question better understood. The app can be a great teaching tool, especially as the developers and engineers integrate more functions into the database (all puns intended).

No more will you have to slave over your page contemplating every choice you have ever made that got you into that position. Mathpix will help solve any tedious equation quickly and effectively, right off of your page!

[Image Source: MathPix]

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Written by Maverick Baker

Watch the video: Solve Math Equation Easily Using Mobile Camera With PhotoMath. now solve handwritten math problems (June 2022).


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