10 Best Engineering Forums to Help Out

10 Best Engineering Forums to Help Out

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Sometimes you just can't solve a problem and after many hours of making your brain work in ways you didn't even know were possible you finally give up and seek help. If you were ever in this position, it's not too late to ask fellow engineers for advice and move on. Here is a list of 10 incredibly helpful engineering forums for all different kinds of engineers.

  1. Mechanical Engineering

This forum will be of a particular interest to mechanical engineers (hence the name) and has an abundance of various forums to discuss the basics of engineering and get some advice, discuss projects and ideas, and even find an internship.

  1. Mechanical Engineering Forum

This LinkedIn group is a great opportunity for all fellow engineers to connect, share their experience and ask for advice.

  1. Engineering Clicks

This isn’t just a forum but a whole site with articles, news, and blogs. The forum itself has a CAD section, legal questions and multiple topics related to mechanical design.

  1. Crazy Engineers

Apart from the general discussions, this forum offers platforms for chatting about all kinds of engineering: civil, chemical, industrial, electrical, IT and a few others. You can also discuss your projects and get ideas for future seminars.

  1. Engineering Tips

If you were to choose just one forum, this is it – providing hundreds of different forums designed for all types of engineers, including marine and nuclear. There are also plenty of tips for young and older engineers, career advice and engineering software guidance.

  1. Engineering Wall

There are lots of different forums on this page: Q&A platform, career advice, engineering fundamentals and lots of other chats for all sorts of different engineers.

  1. Surface Engineering Forum

As you can tell by its name, this forum mainly focuses on anything to do with surface engineering. Unsure what to do with a problem? Click through and someone else has probably already discussed the issue!

  1. Defense Talk

Specifically designed to discuss engineering related to defense and military, this forum covers lots of topics on army, terror, air force, military operations, missiles and many others. Whether you have a question about a particular type of weaponry or simply want to chat about defense issues, this platform would be perfect for you.

  1. IEEE Women in Engineering

Not a forum but just a Facebook group, this page nonetheless offers support and advice to females who once wished to connect their lives with engineering.


Not to leave out the biomedical engineers, this forum caters specifically to them. Anything related to medical equipment, technologies, devices, and suppliers – you will find it there.

Written by Daria Sergeeva

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